Penguin of the Month

It’s January now, that means it’s time for a new Penguin of the Month!  I picked the Penguin of the Month at Oyster at my igloo on January 7th, 2011! It was blast! Here are all the penguins who attended!

Well all of you guys were wondering how you could win but there was nothing you need to do but just come! The penguin I picked was… Trex14! I picked him because I like the items he had on. Here is his playercard and some information on him!



Hope to see you guys next month!


11 Responses

  1. please pick me!!!

  2. Thanks Nickguy99 :dddddd this is my first time 2 be penguin of the month!!!! im sooo happyyy follow meee on twitter

  3. Ooops forgot to login my blogger account

  4. i mean wordpress heehee

  5. can i be an author nickguy plz?

  6. can i be penguin of the month for december and how you get my pic december 11 server snow drift place my igloo kev51716

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