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New Stage Theme: The Penguins That Time Forgot

Club Penguin has made a new stage theme called The Penguins That Time Forgot. Here is what it looks like!

This is what it looks from the outside, it is located in the Plaza.

This is what it looks like from the inside! Club Penguin has added a Switch Box 3000 for this theme so go check it out!

This is the last new thing in the Stage, a new catalog! There is only one cheat though.

Click on the “G” in FORGOT to get the Grass Skirt.

This is what it looks like. Hope you enjoy the new Stage theme! Until next time, waddle on!



New Pin: Fire Extinguisher Pin


Club Penguin has released their new pin for this week! Here is the location and what it looks like!


The new pin is called the Fire Extinguisher Pin! It is at the right of the Dance Lounge! Here is a closer look at the Fire Extinguisher Pin.

You will have two weeks to get it! Don’t wait too long! Until next time, waddle on!

Brown Puffle House

Club Penguin has added a new item for your Brown Puffle to live in, check it out!

It’s a new Brown Puffle House! You can get it for free, just by waddling near it. Here is a close up of it!

This is what the Brown Puffle House looks like! This is a furniture item, you can get it as much as you want! But the limit is 99 just like any other furniture item! Well that’s all for today! Until next time, waddle on!


Wilderness Expedition Guide

Club Penguin has now released their Expedition! Here is a guide to complete everything in it! It is really long but very hard so read all of the details!

To enter the Wilderness Expedition you must go to the Docks.

Once you enter you can get a Expedition Hat.

Here is a close up of the Expedition Hat. Once you get it waddle to the path on the right.

Once you enter you must follow a path, try not to get lost! First waddle to the left to enter the next room. I put arrows for you to understand where to go better and faster.

Next you must waddle up into another path.

Third go to the right path.

Then go downwards to the next path.

Fifth path turn left.

Then go downwards.

The last path you need to take is to the right! This might get confusing so take it slow!

This is the Wilderness Expedition puzzle. I’ve numbered all of the steps in order from one to 19, here it is!

1. Click on the outlet to plug the blue plug.

2. Click on the coffee beans.

3. Click on the buttons next to the coffee maker when they are green to pour the coffee.

4. Click on the coffee pot to pour the coffee into a funnel.

5. Click on the big green button.

6. Click on all of the buttons and sliders when they light up after you do that click on the blue lever.

7. Play the piano by following the green lights.

8.  After you play the piano once you must put out the fire by throwing snow balls at it.

9. Play the piano again, this time it will be correct.

10. click on the green button near the phone.

11. Click all of the green buttons that are a square shape.

12. Click on the levers first the pink then the turquoise.

13. Click on the spinning wheel.

14. Click on the red cord.

15. Click on the hot sauce.

16. Click on the water tank.

17. Click on the air vent.

18. Click on the toaster.

19. Last a target will pop out, throw snow balls at it.

Once you throw a lot of snow ball at the target a barrel will come up. Go into the barrel so you can head to the Shore!

Build the boat so that you can use it.

You will need to buy a Life Jacket to go aboard the boat. But we are penguins, I don’t understand why we would need them. We could just swim across.

Once you ride the boat across the island you will get to a cave.

You will find that the cave is full of Brown Puffles!

There is a note, it says you can adopt a Brown Puffle! It looks like Brown Puffles are pretty smart.

You can name your Brown Puffle before you adoptit just like adopting any other puffle.

You will recieve a postcard saying thank you. Can you see the Brown Puffle?

After you complete the Wilderness Expedition you will receive two new stamps! One is called Out At Sea and the other is called Path Finder, they are located at the Party section. Well that’s all for the Wilderness Expedition Guide!

New EPF System Defender Updates

Club Penguin has updated a lot of EPF things this week, one was a new EPF Elite Gear called Tech. There was something different at HQ when I went there to check things out.

It’s a new EPF system called System Defender! It is basically a game where you use weapons to destroy enemy robots before they get passed you. There is a Tutorial for the game that you can play. There was also some new things that came with the System Defenders.

New EPF System Defender Stamps! They are located at the Games section. There is a total of 10 Stamps, to get them you must play the System Defender game. There is another new System Defender update, a new log in screen!

If you click on it it will take you to a log in page where you log into Club Penguin. It has a penguin wearing the New Tech gear which has a new dance too!

If you have all of the Tech Elite Gear and wear them you can type on a computer like this by pressing “D” on you keyboard or click the Dance icon. Thanks to my buddy Kelvin12345 for showing me! A new feature has also been added to our Spy Phone!

If you click on it you can get messages from people in the EPF. Many new EPF updates and more to come soon!

New Club Penguin Log In Screen

Club Penguin Mountain Expedition is coming soon, Club Penguin has made a new Log In screen to show you a sneek peek!

It looks like you will start to see puffles during the expedition this year! Hope you like it!

New Better Igloos Catalog January 2011 Cheats

Club Penguin has made a new Better Igloos catalog for everyone to decorate their igloos!

This is the cover of the Better Igloos Catalog.

This is the next page with cheats!

Click on the Snow Fortress Wall to get the Small Rock.

Click on the Snowy Tree to get the Icicles.

This is the next page with cheats.

Click on the Shiny Red Stove to get the Dream Catcher. That’s all of the new cheats for this months Better Igloo Catalog!