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New Pins: Red Puffle Pin and Blue Puffle Pin

Club Penguin’s Puffle Party is coming up so they are getting ready for it! Today they brought two new pins, here are the locations!


The first new pin is the Red Puffle Pin. It is located at the Hidden Lake near the barrel next to the rope ladder.

The second new pin is called the Blue Puffle Pin, it is located at the Lodge Attic. Club Penguin has made two new pins that are puffle-themed, do you think they will make more during the Puffle Party? Comment your thoughts on that and on the new pins!



New Log In Screen

When I logged into Club Penguin I noticed they had made a new Log In screen! Check it out!

It is made for the Puffle Party! It looks just like the membership page but with more penguins! Can’t read it, not to worry, here is what it says!



Team Up with your puffles

to party and play!

Feb. 18-27

I cannot wait any longer for the Puffle Party to come! I hope it is full of fun and adventure, comment your thoughts and more on this new Log In screen and the soon to come Puffle Party!

Club Penguin Membership Page Update

Today Club Penguin has updated their membership page, check it out!

It shows a Blue Puffle with Penguin at a snow fort, they are probably going to have a snow ball fight! Here is what the text says on the new membership page!

  • Join the Puffle Party and show off your puffle in the talent show
  • Adopt the new Brown Puffle from the Pet Shop
  • Access exclusive new puffle-themed clothing
  • Stay tuned for more puffle surprises in March!

More new things puffle-themed are coming! Comment your thoughts about this membership page and what you think is coming this month!


Field Ops Mission #32

Club Penguin has finally released their Field Ops! Here are the cheats step by step on how to complete it!

1. Click on your Spy Phone when if it is blinking red.

2. You will teleport to HQ, after you are there waddle to the Field Ops screen and click on Accept.

3. Go to the Dance Club and waddle over near the DJ3K, here is a picture to help out!

4. Once you are near the DJ3K your Spy Phone will ring, click on it!

5. An instructions guide for the Field Ops game will pop up, click on Engage to start the game!

6. Finish the Field Ops game to earn a medal and get a message from Gary!

Hope you enjoyed my guide!

New Penguins At Work Dance

As you may know, when a new month arrives a new Penguin Style catalog is made. With it comes with new items, backgrounds, and the one we like to dance with the Penguins at Work items! The newest Penguins at Work item is called the Popcorn Tray. Here is a look at what it looks like.

Once you put on the Popcorn Tray Neck item only you can do a cool dance just by pressing the key “D” or by clicking the dance icon. Here is what it looks like when you do.

You will slowly take out your left hand and reach into the Popcorn Tray and pull out a bag of popcorn! That’s how you can help by giving penguins popcorn! Hope you like it and enjoy the popcorn!

Clown Hair Glitch

When the Penguin Style February 2011 catalog came out, I bought every item I could get. One of the was familiar, it was the Clown Hair item. Club Penguin has brought it back from the Fall Fair last year in 2010 for everyone to enjoy. Well guess what, I have two now!

This is the first page that the Clown Hair head item appears.

When I go down a couple of pages I find the Clown Hair again! Now this could only happen if you have the Clown Hair before buying it in this catalog. Club Penguin should fix this glitch so that we only have one just like all of our clothes items. Comment if this has happened to you!

Penguin Style February 2011 Cheats

The February Penguin Style catalog is here! The theme is about the Puffles! Here is a look at the cover!

Sorry but there are no new cheats in this catalog, but there are many items for each Puffle! Hope you like this new Penguin Style for February! I also cannot wait for this years Puffle Party!